Learning capsules

Learning Capsules teach the specific skills and techniques needed to lead the best possible class. These sessions can include a focus on technique, on topics such as choreo and warm-ups + cooldowns. Learning Capsules can also include lectures on topics that can support you outside of class, like beginner and advanced classes on social media, as well as growing your Zumba® business. Finally, Capsules also include sessions about keeping your students healthy and safe in class, focusing on topics like CPR or injury prevention methods.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Ashley Bishop

In this hands-on workshop, learn how to use different cueing techniques to fine-tune your deck teaching skills for your Aqua Zumba® Classes. Learn how to incorporate a variety of impact options that will save your body without sacrificing class content.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer & Crunch Regional Group Fitness Director Michele Bastos

When you become a ZIN™ Member, you also begin a fitness business. It's important to understand the basics of sound financial management, whether you’re an independent contractor, an employee of a facility, or starting your own studio. This session provides information relevant to instructors of all experience levels, including the dos and don'ts of auditioning, creating a resume and more!

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented Zumba® Education Specialist Nick Logrea

Explore different “battle formations” and learn their purposes. This session teaches how to incorporate the battle feel with music from groups like Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, NSYNC, and Destiny’s Child. Learn the different dynamics in Zumba® classes (male/female, shy/dramatic, beginner/advanced), why we use them, and how to use a battle set-up to help students feel comfortable and succeed.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Loretta Bates & ZIN™ Member Dr. B

Take your teaching skills to a new level — one where students leave your class feeling inspired. Take a journey that challenges your concepts of beauty and then expands them. You’ll learn tips, drills, and techniques to help enhance the beauty of our movements. Prepare to uncover the unique beauty within each of us.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Marlex Pagalunan and Zumba® Education Specialist Madelle Paltu-ob

Learn the skills you need to be the life of the party in class. Find out how to reignite the passion in the hearts of students and co-instructors while gaining confidence with your moves and energizing your class.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Rodrigo Diaz and Master Trainer Kristi Radakovic

Spread Zumba® Love wider than ever by learning to adapt Zumba for people in wheelchairs. Get the tools and confidence to correctly modify steps and choreography for different-need students. Learn about inclusion and using its terminology properly as we help a new population enjoy Zumba! You’ll acquire two choreographies adapted for wheelchairs and apply them in a Master Class featuring half the class in wheelchairs.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Ann Saldi

Bring confidence to your Zumba® classes! Learn to embrace your Alluring/Confident selves through captivating choreography that coincides with song lyrics. Discover how showing confidence — a strong, purposeful walk, head held high, eye contact, and a wide, welcoming smile — is much more important than perfection for successful classes.

Presented by the American Heart Association, Beth Maldonado and Registered Nurses + ZIN™ Members Lynn Sheehan & Michelle Calise

Know how to handle a medical emergency in your class. The American Heart Association CPR class teaches you how to manage an emergency in the critical moments until medical service arrives. The session covers adult, child, and infant CPR training along with using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and how to respond to a choking victim. At the end of the session, you’ll receive a CPR/AED 2-year certification card.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Tamara Pitts and Marlex Pagalunan

Get a collection of simple, ready-to-use, fun, and effective choreography for special occasion classes such as Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and many more. Along with the themed content, you’ll also learn choreography that includes battles, conga lines, circle dances, and partnering so you can bring big energy to your students and spice up your theme parties.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Marta Formoso and Zumba® Jammer Vanesa Alonso Palacios

Get a deeper understanding of the fitness movements integrated into Zumba® choreography. This session is perfect for instructors with a background outside of traditional fitness. Learn to adapt new fitness moves to the basic steps of salsa, merengue, cumbia, and reggaeton. Learn the correct execution of movements, muscular involvement and benefits, and how to progress the variations in the choreography.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Kearsha Saxon

Add some finesse to your classes with a session that breaks down the technical barriers of ballet to present a fun, easy-to-do style of classical dance that you can incorporate into your existing Zumba® classes.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Jarrod Tucker and Monika Lejman    

Get a breakdown of successful marketing ideas and strategies that adapt the Zumba® Gold experience and instructor skills for different populations. You’ll learn how to reach out and create relationships with organizations in your community and how to use your Gold skills for your regular classes.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Monika Lejman

Zumba Gold® teaches participants modified versions of the original Zumba® dance steps while paying attention to the special needs that seniors bring to fitness. Zumba® chair exercises are offered to those with physical or psychological limitations. But sometimes it can be difficult having enough inspiration or even the courage to teach this much-needed class. This session will empower you to provide the best Zumba Gold® chair experience, for you and your students. Walk out with new inspiration, science application and knowing how to create the perfect playlist.

This session is for licensed Zumba Gold® instructors only.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Sandra Harnes and ZIN™ Member Natalie Constanti

Find your own special groove to add new layers to your dancing and teaching. The concept of “groove” is unique to each of us and gives us charisma and individuality when performing. Explore and create through tasks and drills to develop your own groove in this session, with no right or wrong choices. Learn a brief history of house dance music while building confidence in your groove and freestyle moves.

Presented by Industry Expert Ashlee Cramer

Explore how to create a life that is full of genuine happiness every day. In this dynamic and powerful session, you’ll hear moving, real-life stories along with the latest scientific findings about raising your happiness set point. Take part in interactive exercises that inspire and motivate you to experience happiness every day, no matter what the circumstance!

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Jarrod Tucker

Get the tips and tricks you need to grow your Zumba® business from the ground up and keep it going well into the future. This session will include everything you need to know about venues, marketing strategies that work, building a killer timetable, cash flow and so much more. From those just starting out to more seasoned instructors, there is something here to help everyone succeed!

This is a seated, non-movement session. 

Presented by ZIN Member and International Presenter Betsy Dopico

Elevate your class experience with foundational tools for movement and intention. They’re key to attracting more students to live the magic and feel more fulfilled in your class. Become a better instructor by learning about energy and managing it on a higher level. Discover the link between the physical and the emotional and explore the importance of using music as a therapeutic, driving force. Come feel the difference.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Jennifer Lopez and Monika Lejman

Learn to tackle classic challenge for any Zumba® Instructor: how to simplify the class simple for new students but keep it challenging the experienced crew. The answer is KISS: Keep It Simple and Safe! These easy-to-implement concepts will help grow your class with simple choreo that won’t intimidate beginners and is high-energy to retain the regulars.

Presented by AFAA Presenter and ZIN™ Member Shalaine McLaughlin

How do make moves less stressful on our knees safe during our Zumba® class? What are some common causes for knee injuries? What should we watch out for in ourselves and our students to help prevent possible knee injuries?

Practice how to modify B1 basic steps and learn what to watch out for in our alignment to reduce pressure on your knees and the knees for your participants!

Presented by Master Trainer Ricardo Alas

Learn to take a focused approach and lead more successful sessions. Even in classes that are all motion, thinking and preparing are still crucial to performing well. In this session, we’ll focus on being purposeful and positive. Learn about pre-session focus, warm-up, and music prep. We’ll also explore reaching the next level of success with scheduling, marketing, promotion, goal-setting, and more.

This is a seated, non-movement session. 

As Beto himself describes it, a Zumba® Master Class is much more than the usual “weekly” class. These classes are led by a special guest instructor or group of instructors for one very special reason — ZIN™ Convention! Zumba is proud to offer this year's attendees an awesome selection of Master Classes led by some exceptional instructors. They're not to be missed.

Classes / Presenters

  • 2019 Rising Presenter Winner – Alina Duma
  • 2019 Rising Presenter Asia Winner – Jordan
  • 2020 Rising Presenter Winner US: Socrate Pierre
  • Ana Georgescu
  • Alisha Caesar + Nicole Taylor
  • Aqua Zumba® Master Class – Ashley Bishop
    Aqua Zumba® Master Class – Maria Teresa Stone
    Aqua Zumba® Master Class – Jaromir Cremers
    Aqua Zumba® Master Class – Caroline Crowe
  • Betsy Dopico
  • Catherine Marte + Jenniffer Duarte
  • Claudia Gutierrez
  • Elementz - Nathalia Ferreira
  • Guillermo Ruiz + Jeimy Bueno 
  • Izabella Kin
  • Jennifer Kim
  • Jessica Exposito 
  • Jonathan Benoit
  • Kass Martin
  • Kyle Lamprecht + Janae Smith + Travis Algarin
  • Lindsey Taylor
  • Loretta Bates
  • Madelle Paltu-Ob
  • Magali Cepeda + Priscila Graf + Diego Chantir + Florencia Salgado
  • Mansoor Galant
  • Mario Gutierrez
  • Mauricio Camargo
  • Michael Marmitte
  • Nick Logrea
  • Ricardo Carvalho
  • Ricardo Rodrigues + Nuno Antas
  • Rodrigo Diaz
  • Rony Gratereaut
  • Rony and Ecem + Friends (Kate Elbitar, Loren Elbitar, Daniel Garcia Vallejo, Nicolas Garcia Vallejo, Socrate Pierre, Mizuki Asai)
  • Sandra Harnes
  • Sergey Pobegalov + Cat Medina + J-Lin
  • Steve Boedt
  • Sucheta Pal
  • Team Asia
  • Urban Turn-up - Gina Wonder + Dahrio Wonder + Armando Salcedo + Heidy Torres
  • Vicky Zagarra
  • Walter Diaz
  • William Villasenor + Yuhaine Lopez
  • Zumba Gold® Master Class – Hermann Melo
    Zumba® Step Master Class – Ricardo Marmitte
    Zumba® Toning Master Class – Madalene Aponte

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Linsey Taylor

Start teaching sooner and with less stress with My First Class™! This one-hour Zumba® class is the ultimate tool for new instructor success. It’s designed to help you digest everything from B1 training and put your playlist and choreo together. You’ll also get tips on getting started, connecting with your students, and the next steps in your teaching journey.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Barbara Klontz

Mastering the art of non-verbal cueing is essential to creating Zumba’s famous party atmosphere. In this session, learn how to seamlessly integrate advanced cueing and transitional techniques into your classes, while keeping the energy at maximum voltage. Plus, learn how to teach facing your students and how to smoothly switch back and forth from cueing.

Presented by Monica Auslander MS, RD, LD/N and University of Miami Adjunct Professor

Eat like an expert and train others to do the same! Hosted by a registered dietitian, this session is based on the Essence Nutrition philosophy: no diets, only love, and a lot of fiber. Your fitness journey and how you empower others is intertwined with nutrition. Learn to master basic, proven nutritional concepts and ignore all the nutrition noise out there, which is often wrong or even dangerous.

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Sandra Bayliss and Daniela Cesnekova

This relaxed and intimate session will give you an opportunity to teach a track and be provided with tips, drills, and support in the areas you need it most. Get personalized and constructive feedback that will boost your confidence and re-energize your Zumba® classes. This session will help you focus on teaching, dancing, coaching and connecting with your students.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Von Stanley Gossi and Ria Martin

Make your playlists deliver a party atmosphere that takes students around the world in just 60 minutes. Learn to create a dynamic, balanced playlist, with songs from platforms like ZIN Now, Spotify, iTunes, and Shazam, while maintaining an intermittent training effect with BPM concept and incorporating fitness variations. Come and learn the RAD (Research, Arrange & Dance) Process to power up your playlist!

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Maggie Pezeshkian

Become familiar with three common injuries for ZIN members — knee, foot, and leg — and how to prevent them. Understand the causes and the mechanisms of injuries along with risk factors, treatment options and preventative measures. Learn various movement modifications, strengthening, stabilizing, and balancing exercises to minimize and eliminate the risks associated with these injuries.

NOTE: The content provided in this session is not intended to be a substitute for personal medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or injury prevention. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a specific medical condition, injury or treatment plan.

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Richard Gormley

Start your day on the right foot with this gentle, yet dynamic, session. This wake-up flow will consist of breath-work, sun salutations, and some really fun and creative movement patterns to get you energized for your day. Perfect for yogis, or the yoga-curious. All levels and abilities are welcome. 

Early morning session. No pre-registration required. First come, first served.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Maurice Weindel

In this session, you will not only learn where the “twerking” dance style comes from (New Orleans and African heritage), but also how to apply hip and pelvic movements (a.k.a. “booty movements”) you’re your choreos and Zumba® classes.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Ludmilla Marzano and SYNC Member Lisa Dorfman

Maximize your energy, strength, and endurance to be the best instructor possible. Learn food and fitness strategies to crush the obstacles blocking your ability to reach and maintain optimal health. Learn techniques for balanced living including stress reduction and mindful meditation. The session also features a hands-on demo of simple snack recipes to help you refuel and recover. Plus, there are even door prizes!

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Master Trainer Natalie Bayersdorfer

Get insider tips and proven strategies for getting hired by gyms to teach STRONG Nation™. Natalie Bayersdorfer, Master Trainer and a Les Mills Group Fitness Director, shares real-world tactics for successfully pitching facilities. Learn to position STRONG Nation™ as a group ex offering enhancement as well as novel marketing ideas and offers. You’ll also get advice on how to start teaching STRONG Nation™ independently. 

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Denise Galang

Experience a one-of-a-kind stretch class that combines stretching and core exercises, the Zumba® formula, and music. Learn safe, proper stretches for the full body — especially for muscles you commonly use and injure — to help improve flexibility, range-of-motion, and balance. You’ll also do exercises for a strong core that’s essential for dance fitness instructors.

Early morning session. No pre-registration required. First come, first served.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Steve Boedt

You’ll stand proud as an instructor who in each session will continue to grow, develop, build meaningful relationships and connect with your students through dance.  Boost your skills, your artistic side and individual style with our 5 key elements: power, emotion, action, knowledge and self-growth. So...are you in?

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Maria Teresa Stone

We all have a reason, or reasons, we became Zumba® instructors, but why do we keep teaching it? This session will give you the tools to uncover your “why.” Discover how to see the bigger purpose for continuing to teach Zumba® classes and help reignite the passion for your career.

 This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Joy Prouty and Josie Gardiner

Learn the secrets to building a long and successful Zumba® career! Joy will give you tips to help you recognize the importance of what you do and how you do it! Learn to deliver the ultimate class experience with passion, expertise, and commitment for many years to come. It’s a small world and a long life — learn to think about them strategically.

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Claudia Gutierrez Mendez

Pump up your career with this 100% inspirational session. Go from dreams to action to results using experiential exercises to highlight skills and weaknesses in your daily life. Make the most of your extraordinary opportunity to reach your goals and live a passionate life. Tap into your own power to and potential to become a leader, inspire others to lead, and achieve your dreams.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Dionne Thomas

Learn to shed layers of self-judgement and tap into your authenticity. Boost your confidence and fine-tune the ability to teach with authenticity so you can connect with students in a powerful way. We’ll use writing prompts and team-building activities to give you the tools to not only quiet your inner critic, but also help you love who you are and fully share yourself with your classes.

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Mario Gutierrez and Marta Formoso 

When two instructors teach a joint class, they may start competing with each other to see who’s better, faster, or louder. This session focuses on replacing that rivalry with teamwork to co-teach and empower each other. Learn how cooperation gives everyone a chance to shine, learn, and create an unforgettable class for students.

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Home Office Presenter and ZIN Member Gina Graziani 

Learn about the ZIN Mentoring Program including requirements, how to enroll, the matching process, and the ZHO-developed curriculum. Hear from successful mentors along with feedback from program graduates. The session also covers how to facilitate the mentoring process, find local matches, and match manually. Be inspired by participants sharing the program’s impact on their teaching careers.

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Rita Cohen and Lynn Blakeley

Speak up! Using your voice daily as a fitness instructor can be taxing. This session will teach you to use it properly and overcome hoarseness, project your sound, and enhance your cardio breathing capacity! Zumba® Jammers and classically trained singers Rita Cohen and Lynn Blakeley share their expertise and combined decades on stage to help you become physically AND vocally fit!

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Catherine Marte and Industry Expert Miguel Marte

Reach your maximum potential by learning how to set goals, conduct self-assessments, and follow personal growth development plans. This session introduces the ZSMART® (Zestfully, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time, Rewards) Goals and helps you use them to learn about your strengths and tap into your passion.

This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Catherine Marte and LaToya Bufford  

Add some twist to your hips with another kind of “wine,” the popular Caribbean dance. Learn how to rotate, isolate, and work your hips to beautiful vibrations of African, Caribbean and Latin beats. This low-to-high-impact session combines a variety of sexy and smooth hip movements guaranteed to strengthen and work your core. Discover the history and core basics of “wining the waistline,” along with current styles and varieties.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Mauricio Camargo

An interactive session where ZIN™ members will learn Tips and Tricks to Social Media Content Creation. The session will focus on all aspects of content planning, execution, posting, and engagement. ZIN™ members will also be given tools and tips on how to create shareable Zumba® content.

  • Ideas for creative content creation
  • Learn and understand all aspects of content (Lighting, framing, Specs, Editing, Filming, Posting, Hashtags)
  • Hands-on experience in the session of how to Shoot, Edit, and Post.
  • Basic Social media algorithm and branding
  • How to generate shareable Zumba social media content

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Jaromir Cremers  

ZIN 2 WIN is the ultimate use of your ZIN music, choreographies, and the tools to grow your AquaZumba classes. Make your AquaZumba class the ultimate Zumba pool party with this LandZumba to AquaZumba translation formula that saves you prep time and adds more music and dance variation to your classes. You’ll also learn to make a splash with marketing hacks to attract more students.

Get the moves that get the crowds! Learn several new routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes. Plus, network with fellow ZIN™ Members, get inspired and benefit from personal feedback — everything you need to be the best instructor you can be. Choose from a variety of sessions led by licensed Zumba® Jammers from around the world.

Choreo ZIN™ Jam Sessions

Presented by: Adela Teodora Iacob, Carlos Henriquez, Courtney Ackerman, Diego Chantir, Dionne Thomas, Dorinda Wexler, Erica Dixon, Florencia Salgado, Ingrid Kessler, Marlex Pagalunan, Melissa Carias, Melissa Kirkwood, Nathalie Chenier, Patrick Reischmann, Rita Cohen, Roland Schmid, Sergey Pobegalov, Tommy-Davis Ezedunor, William Villasenor and Yuhaine Lopez

Choreo ZIN™ Jam Sessions are designed to help you master your choreography, build your cueing library, and learn progressions. In this three-hour Jam Session, you’ll learn four to five new knockout routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes. Refresh your skills, learn new ones, and get everything you need to be the best instructor you can be. You’ll be able to choose from sessions led by licensed Zumba® Jammers.

Upon completion, you’ll receive:

• Choreo Notes for 4-5 new routines

• Certificate of Completion

• ACE/AFAA credits*

* (1) ZIN™ members must contact ZJ™ directly to obtain the appropriate document to redeem these credits with AFAA or ACE. (2) 0.3 ACE CECs or 3 AFAA CEUs are awarded by attending 1 session. (3) The maximum number of credits a ZIN™ member can receive per month is a total of 0.3 ACE CECs or 3 AFAA CEUs. 

Rhythm ZIN™ Jam Sessions

Presented by: Anna Marchenko (Bellydance), Carlos Henriquez (Bachata), Denise Galang (Merengue), Dorinda Wexler (Salsa), Erica Dixon (Soca), Jeffrey Florence (Reggaeton), Kearsha Saxon (Kizomba), Magali Cepeda (Tango), Maurice Weindel (Reggaeton), Melissa Carias (Quebradita), Paula Mendes (Samba), Tamara Pitts (Flamenco), and Tracy Schutlz (Cumbia)  

Dig into your basic rhythms in this three-hour session where you’ll get four rhythm-specific choreo routines to use in your classes. Practice core steps and variations from your Basic 1 or 2 Training, perfect your form, and learn to identify the beats and instruments. Choose rhythms from Basic 1 or Rhythms 2 Training (Cumbia, Merengue, Reggaeton, Salsa, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Tango, Samba, Soca and Quebradita).

Upon completion, you'll receive:

• Choreo Notes for 4 new routines

• Certificate of Completion

• ACE/AFAA credits*

* (1) ZIN™ members must contact ZJ™ directly to obtain the appropriate document to redeem these credits with AFAA or ACE. (2) 0.3 ACE CECs or 3 AFAA CEUs are awarded by attending 1 session. (3) The maximum number of credits a ZIN™ member can receive per month is a total of 0.3 ACE CECs or 3 AFAA CEUs.

Specialty ZIN™ Jam Sessions (New)

Presented by: Ashley Bishop (Aqua Zumba®), Courtney Ackerman (Zumba® Step), Kearsha Saxon (Zumba® Kids + Kids Jr), Melissa Kirkwood (Zumba® Toning), and Roland Schmid (Zumba Gold®)   

Enhance your skills from your specialty training! In this three-hour session, you’ll learn four to five new choreos to add to your Zumba® Specialty classes. Choose from a variety of Specialty sessions exclusively for Specialty instructors, led by Zumba® Jammers from around the world. Specialty ZIN™ Jam Sessions include Zumba Gold®, Zumba® Step, Zumba® Toning, Aqua Zumba®, and Zumba® Kids + Kids Jr.

Upon completion, you'll receive:

• Choreo Notes for 4-5 new routines

• Certificate of Completion

• ACE/AFAA credits* 

* (1) ZIN™ members must contact ZJ™ directly to obtain the appropriate document to redeem these credits with AFAA or ACE. (2) 0.3 ACE CECs or 3 AFAA CEUs are awarded by attending 1 session. (3) The maximum number of credits a ZIN™ member can receive per month is a total of 0.3 ACE CECs or 3 AFAA CEUs.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Nick Logrea, April Smith and Izabela Kin  

Exciting and effective team up in a program fusing high-intensity training with electrifying fitness exercises in the well-recognized Zumba® formula. Learn to add variety to your classes with dynamic movements, red-hot exercises, and rockin’ music! You’ll get inspiration from Zumba® Core, Zumba® Glutes, and Zumba® Bursts training capsules, adding powerful moves and routines to your Zumba® classes.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Josie Gardiner and Monika Lejman

Combining lightweight resistance training and rousing world rhythms lets older adults enhance their fitness and enjoy other health benefits as well. Experience the magic in person in this three-hour session open to all ZIN™ Members. If you’re already licensed, come brush up your skills. If not, come learn more about this exciting program. When you’re ready to get licensed, just go through an online course* on ZIN™ Home.

Requires a license in both Zumba Gold® and Zumba® Toning programs.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Madalene Aponte  

Good news, Zumba Gold® and Zumba® Toning instructors! Now your students can safely work on muscular endurance and functional movement and still get the full, fun Zumba flavor. This class lets senior populations regain lost muscle strength while sitting. Using Zumba-inspired choreo plus toning sticks as musical instruments create a party atmosphere — and a new way to market your classes.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Kass Martin, Steve Boedt, and the Five Finalists

Get ready for the latest edition of the amazing Zumba® talent hunt. The search comes down to five finalists who’ve shown the passion and skills to be Zumba’s Next Rising Presenter 2022. Join the finalists and hosts Kass Martin and Steve Boedt for a Master Class packed with world-class fun and explosive energy. Who knows — maybe it will be YOU onstage next year! Contest details coming soon.

Presented by Zumba® Home Office Presenter and ZIN Member Gina Graziani  

In a crisis, members often ask: “How can we help?” Find out with best practices from ZHO and ZES/ZJ/ZIN/ZCOM teams on activating in your local community to support charities and give crisis relief. With lots of real-life examples, you’ll learn first steps, how to organize a team, and how to stay connected. You’ll leave with tested framework and process to spread Zumba Love quickly and effectively.

 This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba Education Specialist Hermann Melo

Mastering the warm-up and cooldown is essential to delivering a safe, effective and exhilarating experience. In this session, you’ll learn how to safely kick-off a class and bring it down at the end. A must-learn for any fitness professional!

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