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This year’s ZINCON will feature 15+ exciting new sessions to help you grow your skills! Plus, every single session has new content including music and choreography to help you freshen up your moves.

Presented by Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief and Strong Tech Natalia Varela

    This 3-hour session will take you through an in-depth focus on the foundation and application of the CIRCL Mobility™ Program as it applies to you and your students. You will be led through a series of mobility, flexibility, and breathing drills, concentrating on the involvement of your macro and micro movers. Whether you have already obtained your CIRCL Mobility™ license or would like to learn more about CIRCL Mobility™ before getting licensed, the information, patterns, and creativity presented in this session will empower you and your students to the next level of personal betterment.

    To best experience CIRCL Mobility™, please bring a towel or floor mat with you.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Kelly Ann Nikara

    Learn the language of cueing! This session teaches ZIN™ Members a way to transfer information through their expressions. You'll gain knowledge, skills, and techniques in four main areas: Pre-Cueing (effectively transitioning from one movement to the next), Head Cues (for direction), Visual Cues (musicality & attire), and Combo to Single Cues (regression).

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Vignesh Madhrani

    Get ready to experience a power-packed class filled with the fusion of Bollywood, Bhangra, and other Indian rhythms. This session will be loaded with energy, fun, learning, strengthening, and the extra oomph factor your class needs.

Presented by ZIN™ Members the Brothers Twinz

    Be part of CALIFUSION, a session that will take you through a musical journey of Zumba® from its beginnings to present-day Cali, Colombia – where the creator of Zumba®, Beto Perez, was born and where it all began. Additionally,you will dance and learn a variety of rhythms from Valle del Cauca and the Colombian Pacific. Come and feel the energy and move to the rhythm of various dance styles adapted to the Zumba® formula.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Steve Boedt

    Do you sometimes feel like giving up on your Zumba® career? Do you have moments when you cannot find the joy or passion for teaching and feel close to burning out? You are not the only one! It’s tough to rebuild our community and classes after 3 difficult years. It feels like starting over when we were actually doing a good job! 

    In this training, Steve will teach simple tricks and techniques to regain your passion. He will also help you remember why you are unique, why you started in the first place, and how you should use your special skills. This lecture will train your mind to be stronger, your joy to be brighter, and your passion for Zumba® to be reignited again. This is a MUST-take for ZIN Members who feel they need the skills to grow again.

    This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Natalie Kikkenborg and Florencia Rodriguez

    Find Your Balance builds upon the knowledge gained in a Zumba Gold® training and will inspire you to make balance work fun, creative, and safe for all Zumba Gold® participants. The class will feature a masterclass of songs using various rhythms, including the Zumba Gold® core rhythms, that all feature balance work. You’ll learn the benefits of balance work, safety technique and execution, and proper progressions and adaptations to make balance accessible to all Zumba Gold® students, helping them to continue to live active and independent lives.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Gina Wonder + Madelle Paltu-ob and Zumba® Jammers Dahrio Wonder + Mauricio Camargo

    Who’s ready to get DOWN? The Get Down Mega ZIN™ Jam Session includes a full Master Class featuring hot dance styles and routines, all inspired by Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, + Pop, presented by the creators of the program! You’ll get an understanding of the feeling and history behind each style, while mastering the base core moves and the proper technique, all while learning several of the Master Class routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Caroline Crowe

    1-in-4 of all US women (under 80) will experience pelvic floor dysfunction at some point. This session is designed to empower you with the knowledge and understanding of how to train pelvic floor muscles. At the end of the class, you'll be able to explain to your students where these muscles are, their role, reasons for weakness, symptoms of overworking the muscles, and how to train them. You'll never again have to fear "oops" moments when teaching jumping or bouncy rhythms.

Presented by Industry Expert Ashlee Cramer

    Explore how to create a life full of genuine happiness every day. In this dynamic and powerful session, you’ll hear moving, real-life stories along with the latest scientific findings about raising your happiness set point. Take part in interactive exercises that inspire and motivate you to experience joy every day, no matter the circumstance!

    This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Melissa Carias

    This session is a tribute to the genre of Latin rock – rock en Español and rock en tu idioma – with the top 20 best songs from the '80s until today. The songs represent the work of Latin rock bands and artists that combine traditional Latin elements with rock music.

Presented by Rony Gratereaut

    This full dance class is inspired by the best social media dance trends and Latin Urban Moves! You will experience a build-up choreography created in patterns of four counts. The session includes techniques, postures, and how to count and hit the beat of the music. You'll also discover many new moves and combinations that can be easily applied to any Zumba® music and rhythm.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Luis David

    This session is designed for instructors who want to take their Zumba® classes to the next level, develop their choreographic creativity, and increase their dance techniques. The session comprises body expression exercises, scenic development, dance techniques, and choreographic retention.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Florencia Salgado and Alba Durán

    In this session, we will explore the POP genre – an artistic expression about issues that matter to society, with current musical influences. Come and learn new choreographies from different fusions and sub-genres of POP. You will also work with various interpretative forms and learn how to build the #POPmoment: the key moment of each choreography.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Eliza Stone and Maria Teresa Stone

    We are back and we are reloaded! The Mexican Fiesta 2.0 gets even better with the addition of “mambo.” You will also learn our traditional rhythms: Quebradita, Mexican Cumbia, Duranguense, and Tribal. You will walk away bouncing like a bean and excited to use these Mexican rhythms to spice up your Zumba® classes.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Sandra Harnes, Gina Wonder, and Madelle Paltu-Ob

    Combining over 60 years of experience as dancers, educators, and presenters, these instructors will teach different fierce fempower styles. The two-hour session will show you how experience can mold your movement, style, and personality while keeping the FIRE and embracing different styles of cultures so you always remain on point. We will also journey through "PolySwagg" and demonstrate how style is accessible to ALL LEVELS with a valuable, powerful message attached.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Jonathan Benoit

    Passion Romanza is a Rhythm session where you’ll experience the love and passion of Romantic Music by exploring Salsa Romantica, Passionate Flamenco, Reggaeton Romantico, Beautiful Cumbia (Vallenato), and Sexy Bachata. After learning these choreographies, the session will end with a Passionate and Romantic Flavor Masterclass!

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Tommy-Davis Ezedunor and Dahrio Wonder

    This Session takes you on a journey through flow, energy, and vibin’ to the tunes of R&B music. You will learn about the background and receive ready-to-teach choreographies representing R&B’s best Male, Female, and Group Artists. This includes special Signature Moves, so you are empowered to bring those hot vibes to your classes.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Maria Browning and Izabela Kin

    This is a session to bring awareness to energy regulation. In particular, it will teach you how to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to manage the toxicity that stress releases in our bodies during a Zumba® class. 

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Maria Teresa Stone

    We all have a reason why we became Zumba® instructors, but why do you keep teaching? This session will help you uncover your "why" and give you a bigger purpose to continue teaching successful Zumba® classes for your communities.

    This is a seated, non-movement session.

Presented by ZIN™ Member Alina Duma

    Spice up your playlist with HOT & NEW moves and get ready to provide a whole new experience to your students. From the most popular TikTok steps to dance challenges, this session is all about accessing the new generation's style. Get ready to be challenged, to step out of your comfort zone, and create NEW MOVES to your Zumba® choreos and applying them to your favorite rhythms.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Susan Stokely

    Take a trip back in time and rave to the hot dance beat of New Wave music in this totally rad Master Class! This music genre exploded with the launch of MTV in 1981 when groups like Devo, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, and Adam Ant combined rock, pop, and synth sounds that inspired a generation to dance and dress in the quirky New Wave style. Bring back two choreographies with dance moves the ‘80s kids will remember, and your whole class will rave about!

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Laura Lanni and Caressa James

    ZINgredients for Success: REUSE + REMIX = RECHARGE

    This session builds upon concepts introduced in some Choreography ZIN™ Jam Sessions and the Rhythms 2 Instructor training. It further complements these programs by providing tools and utility for the actual application. 


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