Instructor trainings

Instructor Trainings help advance your career, add new classes to your calendar, and improve your teaching skills! They are an integral part of ZINCON™.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Guillermo Melendez, Jenna Bostic, Maria Browning, and Richard Gormley.

Take the plunge into the hottest pool party around! Learn how to teach safe, effective and challenging water-based workouts that integrate the Zumba® formula and philosophy into traditional aqua fitness disciplines. This program is suitable for a wide range of participants, including the active older adult and those with some chronic conditions.

Presented by Master Trainers Ricardo Alas + Natalia Varela

This comprehensive one-day session prepares you to lead a workout unlike any other. You’ll master skills like optimizing bodyweight training, syncing moves to music, preventing injuries, and more. We pack a lot into the day, but you’ll leave with even more. Completing the instructor earns you a license to teach for six months, My First Class™ content, and a digital Training Recap.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Ana Georgescu

Take your classes and career to the next level with the totally revamped, better-than-ever Zumba® Basic 2 Instructor Workshop. Along with belly dance, flamenco, tango and samba, you'll also learn two new high-intensity rhythms — soca and quebradita. Plus, learn advanced dance-fitness techniques like music fusion and stylistic separation. Get the skills, steps and style that will set you apart as a superstar Zumba® professional.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Monika Lejman

Get the party started with the fastest growing, most fun-loving population segment — active older adults! Zumba Gold® is in-demand and a total blast. Learn how to bring Zumba’s exciting world rhythms to this booming audience safely and effectively. We’ll address their specific anatomical, physiological and psychological needs, as well as those of beginners just starting their journey to being fit and healthy. (Includes a Zumba® chair workout.)

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Jessica Witt

Kids love to crank up the music, shake, wiggle and have a blast with their friends. So why not encourage them to get fit at the same time? Learn how to fuse the Zumba's unique formula with the psychology and physiology relevant to teaching kids ages 4-12. You’ll also learn how to modify Zumba moves to get optimal results, plus receive tips on discipline and class management.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Hermann Melo

Create the ultimate Zumba® class experience with a training that’s perfect for Instructors ready to boost their skills! Enhance your teaching techniques and presentation skills while learning how to strengthen bonds within your student community. This training will help you develop your own unique strengths and give your leadership skills a professional edge.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Jennifer Hildebrand

Get licensed to teach the red-hot Zumba Sentao® program. Provide your students a turbo-charged, total body workout that will leave them on the edge of their seats. Use a chair for balance and resistance while sculpting your arms, abs, legs and glutes. Then, turn it into a strong and sexy dance partner while getting down to exotic beats, torching calories and enhancing cardiovascular endurance.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Jennifer Hildebrand

Take lower body workouts and calorie burning to new heights with Zumba® Step. Tone and strengthen legs and glutes with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba® routines and step moves. Bring your students maximum results with this easy-to-follow fitness party!

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Kelly Bullard

Kick your classes up a notch with dynamic resistance training designed to torch calories and create sculpted muscle definition. By shaking, twisting and lifting lightweight dumbbells or maraca-like Zumba® Toning Sticks, students tone their target zones, enhance cardiovascular endurance and improve their overall fitness level. Learn to deliver an exhilarating, effective workout and pump up your fitness parties!

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Ricardo Marmitte

Spice up your classes with four brand-new rhythms: Brazilian Funk, Bhangra, Afrobeat, and Street Heat. New beats. New moves. New ways to pack the dance floor!

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