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200 Sessions in 4 Days. Master the Business of Fun.

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ACE Small Group Training Workshop

This workshop covers the principles and application of exercise program design through an in-depth look at the ACE Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT®) Model. Participants will develop an understanding of how to apply the variables of exercise program design to influence desired adaptations to a small group training program.

You will learn

  • How to explain the general benefits of small group training programs to participants
  • How to develop a progressively challenging exercise program based on the ACE IFT® Model
  • How to teach progressions and regressions of an exercise
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$249 Zumba® Pre-Conference Workshop Bundle
Includes registration in AFAA’s Primary Group Fitness Instructor Live Workshop, PLUS:

  • AFAA's Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) Premium Self-Study online content
  • Accredited Certification Exam
  • Study guide
  • Technique and lecture videos
  • Practice exam
  • Practical Way
  • Phone, email and chat support
  • Free American Fitness Magazine subscription
  • Pro discounts
  • Exclusive NASM discounts
  • GFI textbook

$99 Zumba® Pre-Conference Workshop
Includes registration to AFAA's Full-Day (8-hour) Group Fitness Instructor Live Workshop (regularly $199). Certification not provided.



$249 Zumba® Pre-Conference Workshop Bundle*
Includes registration to AFAA’s Primary Group Ex Instructor workshop, PLUS:

  • AFAA's Group Ex Instructor online content
  • Group Ex Instructor exam
  • Study guide
  • Technique and lecture videos
  • Practice exam
  • Basic Exercise Standards study material
  • Spanish-language Exam only available to those who attend Spanish Pre-con Workshop

Please Call 1-844-246-1049 to Register Now


Zumbini® Pre-Con Instructor Training

CECs: ACE 15, AFAA 15

Zumbini® is an early childhood education program for children ages 0 - 4 and their caregivers. By leveraging original music and movement, Zumbini creates the ultimate bonding experience for families, while driving cognitive, social, behavioral, and motor skill development for young children. In this two-day instructor training course, you will learn everything you need to become a successful Zumbini instructor! Topics covered include:

  • How to create a Zumbini lesson plan
  • The "play" teaching methodology
  • The "10 Key Points" of the Zumbini program
  • Using "whole song choreography"
  • Weekly song development + activities
  • Class management techniques
  • Early childhood education practices that stress exposure, facilitation, participation and process

Zumba has partnered with BabyFirst TV, the only TV network dedicated to this young age group, to create "Zumbini Time," an original series that airs multiple times per day, every day. "Zumbini Time" provides viewers with a sample of a live Zumbini class and encourages viewers to find a live class in their area via Zumbini.com, creating unparalleled marketing support for Zumbini instructors.

Be sure to take advantage of this training opportunity and join the Zumbini movement today!

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