Extend your ZINCON™ experience with the Extended ZINCON™ Experience, or one of the fitness certifications. ZINCON™ offers a variety of Pre-Convention fitness certification sessions to complement your Zumba® license. Fitness certifications expand your knowledge on anatomy, kinesiology, and so much more to help you teach better Zumba classes. Please note, these sessions have an additional cost to participate.

$59 for a Mega ZIN™ Jam of your choice. 

Squeeze even more passion out of ZINCON with the Extended Convention Experience! New and improved, this experience lets you add a fifth day of ZINCON on Wednesday, August 7th. The Extended Experience features a Mega Jam Session, which includes a full Master Class featuring a team of Zumba® Jammers, allowing you to learn several of the Master Class routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes.

Space is limited, availability is on a first-come first-served basis.

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    Mega ZIN™ Jam Session: Jonathan Benoit + Ingrid Kessler + Seluco Fernandez + Indra Cruz

    Mega ZIN™ Jam Session: Jeimy Bueno + Maurice Weindel + Tamara Pitts + Carlos Henriquez

    Mega Get Down ZIN™ Jam Session: Gina Wonder + Dahrio Wonder + Madelle Paltu-ob + Mauricio Camargo

FREE for the first 20 ZINs that have upgraded to the AFAA-GFI for ZIN subscription*

$99 for all other instructors

    Group Fitness: The Practical Way™ is an in-person training for those who want to be effective, safe, and engaging instructors. Whether you currently teach or plan to teach Zumba®, Zumba Gold®, Aqua Zumba®, CIRCL Mobility™, STRONG Nation®, or any other format, this workshop is especially for you! Also, if you have a goal of taking one of the AFAA GFI (Group Fitness Instructor) exams, this workshop will be very beneficial for your preparation.

    Now available: AFAA offers an open book and entirely online International Certified Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA-ICGFI) certificate! This new, non-proctored and open-book exam has 100 (rather than 120) questions and offers 3 hours (rather than 2) to complete the exam online.

    Taking an exam is stressful for many of us, particularly those who just like to move! This workshop is a safe space to practice and experience the main theories highlighted within the AFAA GFI exam.

    You'll learn from an AFAA Master Instructor and long-time ZIN, who teaches the same formats you teach, and has strategically selected sections of the GFI program to focus on in this session that may require some extra practice or further explanation, including:

    1: Fundamentals of Exercise Science (32% of exam)

    • Planes of Motion and how it applies to joint actions

    • Judge if a movement is effective and safe

    • Basics of human movement and understanding potential risks

    • What makes a movement easier or more challenging

    2: Class Design and Planning (28%)

    • Teach your class a choreo (within the Zumba® formula)

    • Create effective and safe warm-ups & cool downs

    • Hear and move to the beat

    • Build-in transitions from one movement to the next to create flow

    3: Class Instruction and Presentation (28%)

    • Basics of cueing (verbal and non-verbal)

    • How to cue before movement

    • How to achieve each of the 5 parts of a successful class

    4: Professionalism (12%)

    • Our legal and ethical responsibilities regarding safety, insurance, and music licensing


    Plus, open Q&A with an AFAA Master Instructor!

    No matter which Zumba® format you teach, the skills inherent for overall successful group instruction are similar. This hands-on AFAA workshop is especially valuable because it focuses on what it takes to be an effective and safe Zumba® and STRONG Nation® Instructor. For those of you enrolled in the AFAA-GFI for ZIN upgrade, don't miss this FREE opportunity to put your studies to practice in-person and walk away more confident than ever to teach your classes and tackle the AFAA-GFI exam!

    There are no prerequisites to be in this training. This session provides 6 hours of CEUs for currently certified instructors.


    CALL NOW TO REGISTER: 844-956-2799


    *To learn more about AFAA-GFI for ZIN™, please visit https://www.zumba.com/en-US/afaa-gfi  

AEA Member: $99.00 Late or Non-Member: $129.00

    Event Special: Purchase the AEA AFP Cert Prep Bundle & Get the Workshop for FREE


    AEA AFP Cert Prep Bundle PLUS Aquatic Fitness Practical Applications – Certification Skills Training

    Includes: In-Person Aquatic Fitness Practical Applications Certification Skills Training, Aquatic Fitness Professional 7E Manual (digital or hard copy), Online Prep Course, AFP Learning Objectives, Sample Test and

    At-Will Proctor-Free™ Online Examination Access, and a Two-Year AEA eMembership.

    Bundle Price $209.00 



    AEA Certification takes your aquatic fitness career to the next level!  Join the elite team of certified pros by utilizing the training resources provided by AEA, including this engaging hands-on workshop.  Offered only by AEA Training Specialists, this course strengthens teaching skills needed as an aquatic group fitness instructor or personal trainer working with clients in the water.  With both classroom and pool learning, you can better prepare for the certification exam by putting information from the manual and online prep course into action!                                                                                                                         


    Lecture, video examples, worksheets, movement skill practice, and practical demonstrations will reinforce practical knowledge of safe and effective aquatic fitness programming and instruction.  Your industry expert will cover applied anatomy, muscle actions and equipment, altering exercise intensity, program design, deck teaching and more.


    Attend this training to help you in preparing for AEA Certification or to strengthen your teaching skills!  


    Specialized training for those seeking the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Certification! The day-long course focuses on practical instructor skills and covers many, but not all, areas of the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Learning Objectives.  Additional advanced study is highly recommended for the examination, including the AEA AFP Online Prep Course (included in the Bundle option). 


    Have you been AEA Certified for a while?  Things have changed! Reinforce your practical knowledge of safe and effective aquatic fitness programming and instruction!


    PLEASE NOTE: As the primary resource for certification, the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual, Seventh Edition will be referenced throughout the course.  Have your manual available (included in the Bundle option). 


    CEC/CEUs: AEA 8.0*, ACE 0.6, AFAA 5.5, ATRI 8.0, NASM 0.7

    *AEA CECs issued to individuals who are currently AEA Certified and those who obtain AEA Certification within 180 days of course completion date.

    Questions? Email info@aeawave.org – Phone 888-232-9283 or 912-289-3559


    The population of older adults is exploding and they want to continue to work, travel and play for as long as possible. Traditional “senior” exercise programs are somewhat beneficial but they do not maximize functional ability which is so crucial in later life. In this workshop you will learn innovative exercise strategies, techniques and movements for clients over the age of 50 that have been shown to be critical to functional aging. Through lecture and hands-on learning you will develop the knowledge and skills to perform functional fitness assessments and create functional exercise programs for a wide variety of older clients. Become the” go to” expert in your community for training mature adults.

    As an added Bonus** Attendees will be given full access to the Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist Certification online learning modules and to become certified, attendees will have the opportunity to complete the online exam. A value of $399 included with this workshop, plus you receive up to an additional 9 CEUs upon completion.

    Audience: Certified small group and one-on-one personal trainers; group exercise instructors; physical therapists; physical therapy assistants; bootcamp leaders

    Workshop Agenda:

    • Introductions
    • Functional Aging Training Model Review
    • Functional Fitness Assessments
    • Functional Aging Strategies, Techniques & Exercises
    • Functional Aging Program Design
    • Functional Aging Group Exercise Formats
    • Functional Aging Teaching and Cueing
    • Functional Aging Case Studies

FREE Zumbini® Pre-Convention Instructor Training

    CECs: ACE 15, AFAA 15

    Become an instructor for Zumbini, the early childhood education program for children ages 0 - 4 and their caregivers. Using original music and movement, Zumbini creates the ultimate bonding experience for families, while driving cognitive, social, behavioral, and motor skill development for young children. This one-day course teaches everything you need to become a successful Zumbini instructor! Topics include:

    • How to create a Zumbini lesson plan
    • The “play” teaching methodology
    • The 10 Key Points of the program
    • Using “whole song choreography”
    • Weekly song development + activities
    • Class management techniques
    • Early childhood education practices for exposure, facilitation, participation, and process

    Zumba has partnered with BabyFirst TV, the only network dedicated to this age group, to create Zumbini Time, an original series airing multiple times per day, every day. Zumbini Time gives viewers a sample of a live Zumbini class and encourages them to find a live class in their area via Zumbini.com, creating unparalleled marketing support for Zumbini instructors.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to get trained for FREE!

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