Extend your ZINCON experience with the Extended ZINCON Experience, or one of the fitness certifications. ZINCON offers a variety of Pre-Convention fitness certification sessions to complement your Zumba® license. Fitness certifications expand your knowledge on anatomy, kinesiology, and so much more to help you teach better Zumba classes. Please note, these sessions have an additional cost to participate.

Get an extra day of skills, smiles, and sweat.

Squeeze even more passion out of ZINCON with the new Extended Convention Experience. Add a fifth day with an exclusive session for just $59!

The Extended Convention Experience gives you:

    Wednesday, August 10th:

    • Mega ZIN™ Jam of your choice. 

    — Choose one of three Mega ZIN™ Jam sessions with content ONLY available on Wednesday, August 10th! Experience a full Master Class led by a team of Zumba Jammers. You’ll also learn several Master Class routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes. Plus, you can network with fellow ZINs, find inspiration, and get personal feedback — everything you need to be the best instructor you can be.

     Presented By:

    Mega Jam 1: Benjamin Richard + Rodrigo Angello + Anna Marchenko + Maurice Weindel

    Mega Jam 2: Mauricio Camargo + Alessandro Belletti + Marlex Pagalunan + JJ Kim 

    Mega Jam 3: Rony Gratereaut + Jonathan Benoit + Florencia Salgado + Magali Cepeda

$49 for ZINs that have upgraded to the GFI for ZIN™ subscription

$99 Zumba® Pre-Convention Workshop

    Group Fitness: The Practical Way™ is an in-person instructor training for those who have made it a goal to become a certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) as well as for currently certified instructors.

    Taught by a long-time ZIN, you will learn AFAA methods to:

    • Judge if a movement is effective & safe
    • Be aware of potential risks & basics of human movements
    • Learn how to make a movement easier as well as more challenging
    • Teach your class a choreo within the Zumba formula
    • Create effective & safe movement prep (warm-up & cool downs)
    • Hear & move to the beat
    • Build-in transitions from one movement to the next
    • Basics of cueing (verbal & non-verbal)
    • How to cue before movement
    • How to hit each of 5 parts of a successful class
    • Tips for studying and passing your AFAA GFI Exam
    • Open Q&A with AFAA Master Instructor

    Group Fitness: The Practical Way™ focuses on those skills which are necessary to be an effective, safe, and engaging Group Fitness Instructor: leadership and presentation, class design, safe and effective movement prep (traditionally referred to as “warm-up”), various training modalities, cueing and music utilization, as well as exercise evaluation and modification. It also provides 7 hours of CEUs for currently certified instructors.

    CALL TO REGISTER: 844-956-2799

$49 para ZINs que hayan obtenido la suscripción de GFI para ZIN™ 
$99 para el Taller antes de la Convención de Zumba®  

    Aptitud Física en Grupo: “La Forma Práctica” es un taller de capacitación para instructores en persona y para aquellos que se han propuesto convertirse en Instructores de Fitness Grupal certificados por AFAA (AFAA-GFI por sus siglas en inglés), así como para instructores actualmente certificados. 

    Los métodos de AFAA serán impartidos por un ZIN con mucha experiencia. 
    Podrás aprender lo siguiente: 


    • Como juzgar si un movimiento es efectivo y seguro   
    • A ser consciente de los posibles riesgos y conceptos básicos de los movimientos humanos 
    • Aprenderás  movimientos más fáciles y desafiantes 
    • Podras enséñar a tu clase coreografías dentro de la fórmula de Zumba 
    • Crearás movimientos efectivos y seguros (calentamiento y enfriamiento) 
    • Aprenderás a escuchar y a moverte al ritmo 
    • Incorporarás transiciones de un movimiento al siguiente 
    • Conceptos básicos de las señales (verbales y no verbales) 
    • Cómo hacer una señal antes un movimiento 
    • Cómo alcanzar cada una de las 5 partes de una clase exitosa 
    • Consejos para estudiar y aprobar el examen AFAA-GFI 
    • Preguntas y respuestas abiertas con un AFAA Master Instructor


    Aptitud Física en Grupo: “La Forma Práctica” se enfoca en aquellas habilidades que son necesarias para ser un Instructor de acondicionamiento físico grupal. Aprenderás liderazgo y presentación, diseño de clases, preparación de movimientos que son seguros y efectivos (tradicionalmente conocidos como "calentamiento"), diversas modalidades de entrenamiento, uso de señales y música. Así como evaluación y modificación de ejercicios. También proporciona 7 horas de CEU para instructores actualmente certificados. 

    ¡Llama para registrarte! : 844-246-1049

$200 Zumbini® Pre-Convention Instructor Training

    CECs: ACE 15, AFAA 15

    Become an instructor for Zumbini, the early childhood education program for children ages 0 - 4 and their caregivers. Using original music and movement, Zumbini creates the ultimate bonding experience for families, while driving cognitive, social, behavioral, and motor skill development for young children. This one-day course teaches everything you need to become a successful Zumbini instructor! Topics include:

    • How to create a Zumbini lesson plan
    • The “play” teaching methodology
    • The 10 Key Points of the program
    • Using “whole song choreography”
    • Weekly song development + activities
    • Class management techniques
    • Early childhood education practices for exposure, facilitation, participation, and process

    Zumba has partnered with BabyFirst TV, the only network dedicated to this age group, to create Zumbini Time, an original series airing multiple times per day, every day. Zumbini Time gives viewers a sample of a live Zumbini class and encourages them to find a live class in their area via Zumbini.com, creating unparalleled marketing support for Zumbini instructors.

    Don’t miss this training opportunity. Join the Zumbini movement today!

$429 $499


Until December 15

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