This ZINCON, we’re inviting you to find the beat. To find your swag. To find the place you fit in best. As an instructor. As a student. As the version of yourself who feels the most like YOU.

Connect with thousands of fellow ZIN™ Members from around the world for 4 days of learning, connecting, and dancing alongside off-the charts energy, excitement, and smiles. Sessions and trainings led by world-class presenters? We got em’. Lifetime connections to be made with fellow attendees? Check, and check. Music, dance parties, and endless fun? Oh, YEAH!

Whether it’s the first time you’re planning on attending or you’re a “ZINCON regular”, there’s something for everybody and ALWAYS room to grow and succeed as a Zumba® Instructor. So… are you ready to find your groove?


  • 20 exciting new sessions (can we sign up yet?!)
  • Every single session has new music + moves to help you level up your classes.
  • Get the party started before ZINCON! Come to the official Pre-ZINCON Party at Mango's in Orlando the Wednesday night before ZINCON begins. Get your tickets here!
  • Brand new Add-On-Experiences to expand and enhance your ZINCON experience further- more information below!
  • Ready to get up close and personal with the Creator of Zumba®?  In 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the Mixtape LIVE Experience, an hour and a half experience hosted by Beto Perez inspired by the Zumba® mixtape that started it all. You’ll dance. You’ll party. You’ll move as one – all “chugether”! Beto will lead the party, PLUS, if you’ve ever dreamed about getting up on stage at ZINCON (and who hasn’t!?), during each Mixtape LIVE Experience, ZINs will be randomly selected to join Beto to dance on stage for part of the experience… so be sure to be dancing along! Attendees will be able to choose their Mixtape LIVE Experience day and time during online registration (first come, first served!).
  • EXTENDED PARTY HOURS: We heard you wanted to keep the party going, so we extended the end time for this year’s theme party.
  • Let’s groove together: This year’s ZINCON will only be available in-person in Orlando, Florida!


  • Network with over 100 diverse Zumba® presenters and fellow ZIN™ Members from around the world.
  • Snag the latest Zumba® Wear gear and products at ZIN™ Convention-only prices.
  • Have a blast with exciting events like the legendary Theme Party and Mixtape LIVE Experience.
  • Get up to 95% of your CEC and CEU credits.


  • Customize your schedule with nearly 180 sessions.
  • Grow your skills with 80 unique sessions.
  • Experience 20 new sessions exclusive to ZIN™ Convention.
  • Expand your career with Specialty Instructor Trainings.
  • Enhance your expertise with close to 100 Learning Capsules.
  • Get a taste of 40 different Flavors to amp up your classes.
  • Benefit from more than 100 different presenters with unique skills.


Extended Convention Experience ($59)

Squeeze even more passion out of ZINCON with the Extended Convention Experience! New and improved, this experience lets you add a fifth day of ZINCON on Wednesday, August 9th. The Extended Experience features a Mega Jam Session, which includes a full Master Class featuring a team of Zumba® Jammers, allowing you to learn several of the Master Class routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes. 

Space is limited, availability is on a first-come first-served basis.

Get Down Mega ZIN™ Jam Session ($59)

Who’s ready to get DOWN? The Get Down Mega Jam Session on Saturday August 12, 2023 includes a full Master Class featuring hot dance styles and routines, all inspired by Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, + Pop, presented by the creators of the program! You’ll get an understanding of the feeling and history behind each style, while mastering the base core moves and the proper technique, all while learning several of the Master Class routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes.

Space is limited, availability is on a first-come first-served basis.

Latin Swag - Dance Technique Workshop ($39)

This dance technique workshop on Sunday August 13, 2023 is not your normal Zumba session- it’s been specially created to help you build on your technical dance foundation! Presented by Rony Gratereaut, the workshop will focus on the development of basic technical skills and the ear, or ability to understand music all to hot urban beats. You’ll build style as well as confidence while working on musicality and picking up choreography to connect steps and skills together. And the best part? At the end of this workshop, you’ll be ready to take these moves straight to the dance floor!

Space is limited, availability is on a first-come first-served basis.




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