All Work. All Play.

After a 2-year hiatus, in-person ZINCON is back like you’ve never seen it before and we’re getting ZINTIMATE. Get up close and personal with your Zumba favs at an inspirational Kickoff sesh, shake it up at the daytime Fitness-Concert™, and enjoy fresh opportunities to connect in brand-new ways. The wait is over - THE PARTY IS ON!


  • Over 25 exciting new sessions (can we sign up yet?!)
  • Every single session has new music + moves to help you level up your classes.
  • It all started with a cassette tape. And to welcome back the Fitness-Concert™ after 2 years of being away, Beto is bringing it back to where it all began! In 2022, ZINs will be able to choose to attend one of two identical (and of course with some unexpected twists for each concert from Beto) afternoon Fitness-Concerts, Mixtape Side A or Mixtape Side B, for an experience more ZINtimate than ever. You’ll have your choice of which concert time slot you want to sign up for during on-site registration (first come, first served!).
  • Beto will lead the party, PLUS, if you’ve ever dreamed about getting up on stage at the Fitness-Concert™ (and who HASN’T!?), during each Fitness-Concert™, ZINs will be randomly selected to join Beto to dance on stage for part of the concert… so be sure to be dancing along!
  • Ever dreamed of being part of a ZIN™ Volume? Here’s your chance! The ZIN™ 101 Live Class will be filming at ZINCON on Wednesday, August 10 at 6:00 PM at the Step Into Happy™ Stage, and we’re inviting all registered attendees to be a part of it!


  • Network with over 100 diverse Zumba® presenters and fellow ZIN™ Members from around the world.
  • Snag the latest Zumba® Wear gear and products at ZIN™ Convention-only prices.
  • Have a blast with exciting events like the legendary Theme Party and Fitness-Concert™. 
  • Get up to 95% of your CEC and CEU credits.


  • Customize your schedule with nearly 200 sessions.
  • Grow your skills with 80 unique sessions.
  • Experience over 25 new sessions exclusive to ZIN™ Convention.
  • Expand your career with over 20 Specialty Instructor Trainings.
  • Enhance your expertise with close to 100 Learning Capsules.
  • Get a taste of 40 different Flavors to amp up your classes.
  • Benefit from more than 100 different presenters with unique skills.


Extended Convention Experience ($59)

Squeeze even more passion out of ZINCON with the Extended Convention Experience! New and improved, this experience lets you add a fifth day of ZINCON on Wednesday, August 10th. The Extended Experience features a Mega Jam Session, which includes a full Master Class featuring a team of Zumba® Jammers, allowing you to learn several of the Master Class routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes, plus receive personalized feedback. Space is limited, availability is on a first-come first-served basis.

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