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In addition to being the best place to grow your instructor career, the ZINCON is packed with amazing events that you’re sure to love. Get pumped about some of the special events that will be happening, and make sure to share with your friends!

Please note, you are automatically registered to these Events at no additional cost  in addition to any sessions you select. These events are general events attended by all ZINCON attendees.

The kickoff session holds a special place in our Zumba® hearts! Let’s get together to kick off the week with CEO Alberto Perlman and the Zumba Community Team. You’ll get an inside look at what our incredible global community has accomplished in the past year, hear exciting updates from the Home Office, and get highlights of what's coming next.

After a decade of amazing concerts and celebrations in Orlando, the 2022 Fitness-Concert™ will be one for the ages. You’ll be one of the thousands of passionate ZIN™ Members from all over the world creating a sea of movement. Never been to a Fitness-Concert™ Event? Get ready for a high-energy dance party full of live music, hip shaking and smiles! Here is a sneak peek.

The Theme Party is always one of the most memorable events during the ZIN™ Convention! In the past, we've gone Greek, took it back to the ‘80s, danced through the decades and dusted off our best prom attire. So, what will the theme be this year? You’ll have to wait and see, but we promise that it’ll be an epic night.

Join “the Albertos" for our Closing Session, where we look back at this year’s ZIN™ Convention and discuss how you’ll implement what you learned in your own classes. Filled with music and fun, we consider this session a special “thank you” for another great year!

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