Welcome to the third in-person STRONG Nation™ SYNC Summit! This SYNC-exclusive conference now runs two full days, from Friday to Saturday, so you can get the most from this special event.

Learn and train with Lead Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief and the full team of Master Trainers, kick up your skills through a variety of educational sessions, and network with SYNC members from around the world. You’ll leave this action-packed event ready to teach more successful classes.

As a ZIN™ and SYNC Member, if you’re attending the ZIN™ Convention, your registration already includes access to the SYNC Summit! You simply have to register individually for each of the Summit sessions below.

Registration Notes:

1) Registering for one session does NOT register you for the full two-day Summit. Space is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure to register quickly!

2) You must be a SYNC member at the time of registration to attend SYNC Summit. If you register for Summit sessions prior to becoming a SYNC Member, your registration will be canceled. At that point, you may also run the risk of not being able to attend your other preferred ZIN™ Convention sessions.

Master Class + Opening Session

Presented by Lead Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief and Master Trainer Team

Kick off the SYNC Summit with a heart-pumping hour-long Master Class, including the newest content taught by Ai Lee Syarief and your team of Master Trainers. After the cooldown, get motivated in a session led by CEO Alberto Perlman and the Home Office. We close out with a session on cueing techniques. See below for details.


Presented by Master Trainers Natalie Bayersdorfer + Kristi Radakovic + Ai Lee Syarief + Umar Syarief

Effective cueing is key to leading a synchronized HIIT class. Using the foundation of NAIM, the cueing acronym for the STRONG NationTM program, we’ll focus on your delivery of cueing moves, both in-person and virtually, keeping your students engaged, excited, and motivated.

Personal Coaching
Presented by Master Trainer Aurelio Figari + SYNC Member Cat Medina
Learn how to lead + oversee your students in the new STRONG NationTM Personal Coaching class format. This session will help you understand the difference between S.N. Personal Coaching and a regular STRONG NationTM class, so you can decide as an Instructor when and which format you choose to teach.

From Start to Finish
Presented by Master Trainers George + Ai Lee Syarief + Umar Syarief
Range of Motion, Execution, and Clean and Sharp Moves are some of the things we strive to achieve as STRONG NationTM Instructors. In this session, level up your skills and learn tips on how to execute moves that are student-inspired, and social media-ready.

Strategies for Landing a STRONG Nation™ Job

Presented by Master Trainer Natalie Bayersdorfer

Get insider tips and proven strategies for getting hired by gyms to teach STRONG Nation™. Natalie Bayersdorfer, Master Trainer, shares real-world tactics for successfully pitching facilities. Learn to position STRONG Nation™ as a group ex offering enhancement as well as novel marketing ideas and offers. You’ll also get advice on how to start teaching STRONG Nation™ independently. 

Perform Like an Athlete

Presented by Master Trainers Ai Lee Syarief + Umar Syarief

(And lead like one, too.) In this session, discover how to improve your athletic performance, how to manage your energy level from Q1 to Q4, and the skills you need to perform at your peak.

Presented by Master Trainer Sara Macri
Bring things back to center through a series of moves + movement patterns focusing on mobility, flexibility, and recovery. Understanding the difference and importance of each will help you teach and participate in safe and effective STRONG NationTM classes.

Early morning session. No pre-registration is required. First come, first served.

Presented by Master Trainers Ai Lee Syarief + Umar Syarief
Expand your knowledge of the techniques used in the martial arts moves at the heart of STRONG NationTM program. Focusing on the purpose, execution, and evolution of the moves, work to take your kicks, punches, and footwork to the next level. Bring your own power pose! 

Presented by Master Trainer Krista Jacobs + STRONG Nation Techs Nathy Varela + Karla Patino
Close out SYNC Summit with a personalized 3-hour session of interactive drills designed to improve your form and technique. This hardcore session offers 1-on-1 interaction and personal feedback as you master the latest Quadrant. Learn, be challenged, and leave as a more knowledgeable Instructor.