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200 Sessions in 4 Days. Master the Business of Fun.


& 5, 6, 7, 8 Ballroom (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Tamara Pitts and Patrick Reischmann

Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to burn up the floor! ZJs Tamara and Patrick are ready to teach you exciting and easy-to-follow ballroom dancing rhythms to incorporate into your Zumba® classes. Get a fun insight into ballroom dancing and learn how these new rhythms may be just the right thing to diversify your class playlists and add something new!


A Tribute To The King & Queen Of Pop and George!

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Steve Boedt

Bow down! After the wildly popular ‘King of Pop’ session from past conventions, Steve is coming back with a new class to honor pop royalty- Michael Jackson and Madonna! You’ll hear all of Michael's greatest hits, from “A-B-C” to “Thriller”. And just when you think it can’t get any better, you’ll get your workout on with your favorite songs by the Material Girl herself, from "Holiday", to "Dress You Up" and "La Isla Bonita". So if you 'wanna be starting something', then ‘let your body move to the music’- this class will bring you back and teach you some great new Zumba® choreo to use in your classes. We will also honor the music of George Michael in this session as he has been an icon for many generations.... wake me up before you go Go.


African Workout: Enter the Jungle

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Ricardo Marmitte

In this highly interactive session, learn tribal and modern choreography from Mali, Angola, South Africa, Senegal, Mauritania and more. Through live drumming and multimedia technology, journey deep into the heart of Africa and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience to share with your students.


Asian Invasion

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Alena Groopman

ZIN Members will learn about Asian Pop culture, music, and rhythms, including K-Pop, J-Pop, and C-Pop from South Korea, Japan and China, respectively. Plus, enjoy the Asian fusion sounds from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and more. ZIN Members will be able to incorporate these fun and easy steps into their classes while still upholding the Zumba® Fitness guidelines and formula."


Bachata Extreme

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Carlos Henriquez

Learn how to choreograph any Bachata or Bachata-fused song. The powerful melodies, lyrics and paused rhythm make it a great fit for beginner’s classes or Zumba Gold®. It’s a great way to slow down the intensity of the class while keeping it exciting and challenging as you integrate it within the Zumba® formula. You’ll also learn about the history of Bachata during this workshop.


Belly Dance

Presented by ZIN Member Portia Lange

Originating in the Middle East, this exotic style involves every part of the body with special focus on the hips. Learn proper belly dance posture, technique and breakdown of isolations in this sensual session. Master the rhythm that has enthralled for centuries and learn how to integrate it with the Zumba® formula.


Bollywood Obsession

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Sucheta Pal

Dance your hearts full to authentic Indian "masala" music and learn the fiery Bollywood moves, which are a crossover between the rustic folk dances of India such as the Bhangra and Garba and the Indian Classical dance styles like the Kathak and Bharatnatyam. Add the modern influences of jazz and hip-hop to it as seen in the new-age Bollywood movies and we have one spicy mix for you to take home. You will be ready to shake that booty in no time "Bollywood style" at the next Indian wedding.


Brazil by Night (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Ricardo Carvalho

This class will address some of the hottest Brazilian nightlife rhythms including samba and funk. It’ll also provide an introduction to charme and brega, two rhythms which are very popular in some areas of Brazil. Learn and apply these exciting and adventurous rhythms to your classes– your students will go wild!


Caribbean Heat

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Armando Salcedo and Heidy Torres

Want to feel like you are in a Carnival land? Sense the beat of the rhythm, and the music of great artists like Machel Montano. And once you hear the music, you’re going to scream! This session will make your senses go from the ground to the sky when you hear the beat. Make sure you are the first one to bring the flow to your Zumba® class… your students will love it!


Crazy Country

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Kass Martin

Country Western dance is an amalgam of rhythms brought by immigrants from Europe, Russia and other countries, blended into simple but spirited steps and patterns. Get ready to be hootin’, hollerin' and havin' a blast.


Dancehall Mash Up

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Catherine Chiemelu and Latoya Bufford

Add some Dancehall flava to your Zumba® routine! This low-to-high-impact session combines a variety of moves with strength and core training rhythms of the vibrant and invigorating Jamaican Dancehall music. Learn the history of Dancehall music and dance, as well as movement, foundation, popular moves and a Zumba® formulated dancehall mash-up.


Dominican Explosion (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Carlos Henriquez

The Dominican Republic is the birthplace of Merengue and Bachata, and an active champion of other popular genres such as Salsa, Reggaetón, Latin Pop, and Congo Music. It’s also the home of colorful and exotic Carnival music, which includes some of the most elegant and sensual movements and dances of the Dominican Republic!


Eurodance Explosion (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Patrick Reischmann and Luca Grillo

Get ready for some of the ultimate European dance floor tunes! Within a second, you’ll feel as if the 90s never went away with hits like "Rhythm Is A Dancer", "What Is Love?" and "Barbie Girl". This session will make the crowd ‘Freak Out!’ and bring the best memories from this time back to their classes. ZIN members will get 2 routines broken down and walk away feeling thrilled and inspired.


Flamenco Flow

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Jessica Exposito

Shake up your routine with the spicy flamenco rhythms of Spain! Infuse your class with the passion and emotion of sizzling Spanish dance styles that are fun, easy-to-follow and effective — Olé!


Fly Girl 101

Presented by ZIN Member Lisa Marie

This session is all about getting funky, fresh and fly with the music and dance styles of the ‘90s! You’ll learn new routines from a varied musical selection, plus a breakdown on how to execute Fly Girl moves like a pro! Improve your skills and keep up with the energetic rhythms that you’ll be able to apply to many other styles of music.


Folk Dances of India (NEW)

Presented Zumba® by Education Specialist Shweta Kulkarni

India is a land of varied cultures and traditions! Indian folk and tribal dances are a product of different socio-economic set-ups and traditions and are performed to express joy. Folk dances are performed for every possible occasion: to celebrate the arrival of seasons, birth of a child, weddings, and festivals. The folk dances are full of energy and vitality, and extremely simple with a minimum of steps or movement! In this session, you’ll learn new rhythms including:


Hit The Streetz (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Mauricio Camargo

Learn about the popularized street dance styles like Passinho, Choke, Moombahton, Trap, Twerk and Electro Flow that are taking over the world! We’ll take a trip to Brazil, Colombia, and the streets of North America as we dive into a subcultural experience that will bring out your Zwag and inner street dancer. In this session, you’ll learn how to master these new fusions of dance inspired by a new wave of music and young urban culture.


Hip-Hop Turn Up

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Gina Grant and Dahrio Wonder

From its origins in the Bronx, NY, to the “Dirty South” flavor of Atlanta, GA, Hip-Hop still reigns as a global culture dominating the mediums of dance, music, fashion and lifestyle. Influenced by the mind-blowing footwork of the Chicago Steppers, the fierce styles of the LA scene, the deeply talented crews of the Bay Area, and the International break dance scene in countless countries around the world, you can't stop Hip-Hop! Learn the moves and how to incorporate them to turn up your Zumba® classes.


House Experience

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Benjamin Richard and Rodrigo Angello

As if you were at a great party with all of your friends, this session will take you on a world tour through house music from the eighties to now! Explore deep house, disco house, Latin house, tribal house and more. You will immediately understand that this dynamic duo's secret resides in sharing and having fun. Don't miss this wonderful experience that will surely energize your class and thrill your students.



Presented by ZIN Member Fabio Barros

Zouk is the French Antilles, Guadalupe and Martinique music, characterized by a slow, soft and sensual rhythm. In Africa, it is popular in French speaking countries. In Europe, it is particularly popular in France, and in North America in the Canadian province of Quebec. Zouk has also been successfully introduced in Brazil, where locals have adapted it into already existing rhythms, creating the popular Lambada-Zouk fusion style.


Latin Alternative (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Melissa Carias

Latin Alternative is composed of sounds and non-traditional musical elements that adhere to the so-called ‘underground culture’. It is an experience of the brand of Latin music produced by combining genres like alternative Spanish rock, electronica, metal, new wave, pop rock, punk rock, and reggae, with traditional Latin American sounds. From Santana to Soda Stereo, and Bomba Estereo to Juanes, this class is a journey of Spanish rock music and its evolution from the 80’s to now!


Latin Pop

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Lindsey Taylor

Make your routines really "pop" with hits from five multi-platinum Latin artists: Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez (aka J. Lo), Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin. By blending classic Latin sounds with hip-hop, house and dance music, these superstars will make your Zumba® classes sizzle.


Latin Urban

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Jhon Gonzalez

Jump into the melting pot of rhythms. Popularized in the late 2000s, Latin Urban combines Reggaeton and Hip Hop beats with the tropical and international flavors we all love. From Chino Y Nacho to Yotuel and Yandel to Ana Tijoux, Latin Urban allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite Zumba® Fitness core steps while taking it to the next level with high and low intensity urban moves. Take the Basic and urbanize it!


Mandarin Mayhem

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Cheryl Wu-Hall and Coco Qing Xie

Get ready to take your Zumba® skills to the next level with Mandarin Mayhem! Combining Latin rhythms with the music of China, you’ll learn how to incorporate basic techniques and Shaolin Kung Fu movements into choreography, plus how to use tai chi to enhance your stretching and cool-down sessions!


Mexican Fiesta

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Eliza Stone and Maria Teresa Stone

Learn a variety of Mexican and Mexican-American dance styles like Cumbia Sonidera, Quebradita and Pasito Duranguense. Learn about the origins of these dances and their expansion throughout America. Take a trip south of the border, join the fiesta and learn how to spice up your Zumba® classes with these moves.



Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Steve Boedt and Kass Martin

The music of Motown is recognizable to all ages and backgrounds. This session begins with a brief history of Motown, followed by a small Master Class, routine breakdown and choreography to five popular songs with cues and teaching tips.


Pop Madness

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Ana Georgescu

This fun and high-energy session is sure to heat up the room and celebrate the music of top artists. Learn Zumba® choreography to the most popular and easily recognizable songs of the last decade with a diverse array of styles and flavors.


Puerto Rican Flow

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Rony Gratereaut

This new session focuses on typical dances and folklore from Puerto Rico, including salsa, merengue, and reggaeton. It also serves to expose new rhythms such as bomba y plena, trova and Latin house with their own core steps and variations, and how to apply it. Enjoy the complete Caribbean experience!


Punk Rock Rebellion

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Tamara Pitts

Unleash your inner punk rocker! This 2-hour workshop will give you the power and routines to amplify your moves, get the crowd rockin’, pump up the energy to the max and, like a blistering guitar solo, escalate your classes to the next level. Add a splash of attitude, a dash of Punk/Rock music guaranteed to get everyone singing along, a few chains, some studs, a safety pin or two and with a Rebel Yell, you’ll soon turn your classes into a high-energy octane fueled mosh pit of fun. Crank it up to 11 and rock it out!


Reggaeton Construction (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Armando Salcedo and Heidy Torres

This session will take different sequences of Reggaeton and show you how to create routines from the ground up! You’ll learn the choreo for beats at 92 BPM and 98 BPM. This will allow you to take these beats home and teach new routines to the beat.


Reggaeton Rebellion

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Loretta Bates and Marcie Benavides

Direct from the barrios of Puerto Rico to a dancefloor near you: Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Calle 13, N.O.R.E., Wisin, Yandel, Pitbull and more red-hot reggaeton artists. Learn moves to jam to the blends of reggae, Jamaican Dancehall and hip-hop. There’s no doubt these rhythms will help you get the party started!


Rockin' in the USA (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Stephanie Masceri

I wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day! That's the theme for this session that’s all about getting down and rockin' out! We'll take a look at rock and roll rhythms and artists from its beginnings in the 50's to present day. You will learn choreo to songs by artists like the King of Rock and Roll (Elvis!) to the Boss (Bruce Springsteen!) as well as rock and roll greats Aerosmith and AC/DC.


Sabor Cubano

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Betsy Dopico

Through the centuries, Cuba has been known for the richness of its music and dances. In this session, you’ll get a taste of the Cuban flavor present in an array of musical genres from around the world. Utilizing basic steps and movements, ZIN Members will learn the unique, sensual and explosive Cuban style that has influenced so many.


Salsa & Merengue Mash Up

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Walter Diaz

Dynamic moves and energetic intervals combine with an eclectic mix of traditional and urban Slavic rhythms in this fun session! Various hops and twirls will keep your heart racing and athletic movements that vary from region to region will put you to the ultimate test. Do you have what it takes to folk it up?


Strut Your Zumba® Stuff (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Barbara Klontz and Elena Baranova

Sometimes, you just need to strut your Zumba® stuff. Join us in exploring Burlesque and Cabaret style dance steps and routines to add an extra little something to the rhythms you use in your Zumba® classes. Find out how burlesque and cabaret can add confidence, style, and fun for your students all while staying within the Zumba® formula.


Swing Baby Swing

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Nick Logrea

Learn and conquer the basic steps and movements of swing. The goal is to be able to implement this rhythm in your classes and add that extra flavor and pop. Swing is perfect for Zumba® Instructors because it is high-energy and so much fun! Leave this session confident to bring the swing into your classes immediately.


Tantalizing Latin Movement (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Hermann Melo

In this session, we teach you that everyone has rhythm inside them. We are all born with a heart and we have been given some rhythm. We just need to understand how to use our rhythm. Here, you’ll learn basic steps to get you steppin’ with sexy tantalizing Latin movements that you've always wanted to feel! In this session, you will learn how to feel the beat in each song and let your body flow like a liquid to rhythms such as Merengue, Cumbia, & Salsa. You will learn to differentiate the different areas of the rhythms and explore the cultural and historical foundations of the dances leaving you dancing & feeling the rhythm that is inside your body.


The Harmony of Movement (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Eleni Daskalopoulou

This session teaches the conscious buildup that leads “DANCE” to a professional performance. The achievement of this will be completed through 4 different stages in a “time capsule” of movement. Thus, we will experience how Ballet and Contemporary Dance make up the technical basis required for a professional dancer to be artistic on and off the stage. So….shall we dance?


Tropical Urban

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Armando Salcedo and Heidy Torres

From Colombia to the Caribbean, you’ll hear the rhythms of Champeta Urbana, Afro beat, Dembow, ! In this session, you’ll learn the basic steps for each of these sizzling sounds and you’ll head back to class with brand-new moves packed with exotic flavor.

The objective of this workshop is to teach 4 basic steps of each of these 3 rhythms, Afro beat - Champeta and Dembow (basic steps)


Urbanize 2.0 (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Sandra Harnes and Natalie Constanti, and Zumba® Jammer Benjamin Richard

This will be a hybrid of former classes ‘Urbanize’ and ‘DropitLikeABoss’. Without being too far removed from the style of class in which instructors already offer in their classes, this session will attempt to give a fresh, NEW way of moving, musicality, and styling to the song choices they have in their playlist.


Zumba® Brazilian Carnival

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Priscila Sartori and ZIN Member Fabio Barros

Learn how to bring the essence of Carnival into your Zumba® classes and master the popular Brazilian rhythms of funk, forro, axé and samba. You'll be ready for Rio in no time!


Venezuelan Bochinche (NEW)

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Melissa Mastroeni- Kirkwood and Robert Birchbauer

Come and join Meli and Rob in this Bochinche! Venezuelan culture is about unity, celebration, friendship and partying. Learn about traditional Venezuelan rhythms and the influences behind them, the different regional music styles, as well as the newest rhythms that have emerged. Get ready to enjoy the non-stop energy of the Venezuelan Craze (aka BOCHINCHE)!