Flavors are sessions that focus on rhythms, teaching not only their steps but also their history. The flavors at ZINCON allow you to travel the world and explore new rhythms to incorporate into your Zumba® classes and make them more diverse.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Mansoor Galant

ABC: African Beat Culture is about taking a journey through music and dance, showing you South Africa's evolution from the apartheid era to the present. You’ll be exposed to music native to South Africa — both “African” and mainstream music. You’ll also experience South African dance elements and choreography to expand your spectrum of dance knowledge.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Ricardo Marmitte

In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn tribal and modern choreography from Mali, Angola, South Africa, Senegal, Mauritania, and more. Through live drumming and multimedia technology, venture deep into the heart of Africa and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience to share with your students.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Rita Cohen

Take a mini rhythmic tour of Ghana, where you’ll learn new core steps to incorporate into your Zumba® class playlist, plus a thing or two about the country and WHY Ghanaians make these moves! Experience Ghana's beautiful dance rhythms accompanied by colorful histories that make them easy and FUN to learn!

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Benjamin Richard and Rodrigo Angello

Welcome to Brazil! In this session, you’ll travel to the heart of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas through its famous Baile Funk and unique vibes. Have you ever heard of Brazilian Funk? Come discover and learn how to dance this very popular rhythm in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Be ready to spice up your classes!

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Vicky Zagarra

Be part of one of Colombia's most important folkloric celebrations in a session offering a taste of the vibrant, colorful, happy, and fun parade from one of the world’s biggest Carnival events. UNESCO calls Barranquilla's Carnival “one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.” Enjoy it with four rhythms from Colombian folklore combined with several choreography options to use in your classes.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Steve Boedt and Zumba® Jammer Kass Martin

ABBA is known for making a big splash by winning Eurovision 1974 with their hit, “Waterloo.” Their chart-topping music has been made into the Broadway musical “Mamma Mia,” with hits that get you off your seat and keep you dancing. Come learn fun, contagious choreographies that your class will love and sing along to.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Vignesh Madhrani

Get ready to experience a power-packed class filled with the fusion of Bollywood, Bhangra, and other Indian rhythms. This session will be loaded with energy, fun, learning, strengthening, and the extra oomph factor your class needs.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Ricardo Carvalho

This class will explore some of the hottest Brazilian nightlife rhythms, including samba and funk. It’ll also provide an introduction to charme and brega, two rhythms that are very popular in some areas of Brazil. Learn and apply these exciting and adventurous rhythms to your classes – your students will go wild!

Presented by ZIN™ Members Daniel Garcia Vallejo and Nicolas Garcia Vallejo

Be part of CALIFUSION, a session that will take you through a musical journey of Zumba® from its beginnings to present-day Cali, Colombia – where the creator of Zumba®, Beto Perez, was born and where it all began. Additionally,you will dance and learn a variety of rhythms from Valle del Cauca and the Colombian Pacific. Come and feel the energy and move to the rhythm of various dance styles adapted to the Zumba® formula.


Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Armando Salcedo and Heidy Torres

Want to feel like you’re at Carnival? Learn the hottest moves set to soca and dancehall rhythms and how to incorporate them into your Zumba® classes. You’ll also learn how to recognize the difference between each rhythm and how to create choreographies using their unique sounds.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Dorinda Wexler

Check out the history, evolution, and revival of the Cha Cha. From the fancy footwork to the music that moves you, you’ll learn the core steps and variations, plus how to apply the Cha Cha Movement into a variety of contemporary pop and Latin urban songs. Get 2 to 3 routines, including stylistic, rhythmic, and fitness variations.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Catherine Marte and Latoya Bufford

Add some dancehall flava to your Zumba® routine! This low-to-high-impact session combines a variety of moves with strength and core training to the rhythms of Jamaican dancehall music. Learn the history of dancehall music, as well as movement, foundation, popular moves, and a Zumba®-formulated dancehall mashup.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Kass Martin

Experience the timeless music of incredible artists like James Brown, George Clinton, The Jackson 5, KC & the Sunshine Band, the Bee Gees, the Rolling Stones, Queen, Kiss, Prince, and many more. Dance to the funk, disco, and rock hits of the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s and learn to incorporate these styles into your classes. This blast from the past will leave your students smiling!  

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Carlos Henriquez

Merengue, Bachata, and Dembow: together, make an EXPLOSIVE Latin music flavor that celebrates the exotic Carnaval music of the Dominican Republic. Taught by a Dominican, you will be shown the authentic dance styles and rhythms to give you an air-pulsing and vibrating class. These energetic beats and tunes will make you glide across the floor, from slow, sexy, romantic Bachata to high energy Merengue and fun urban Dembow.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Adela Teodora Jacob and ZIN™ Member Rafaelle Tala

Crank up the energy in your classes by introducing drum and bass styles and steps. By applying the Zumba Formula to commercial D&B songs, we created cool and different choreographies that bring a fresh flow to any Zumba class. Jump into the drum and bass culture with new steps and 2 cool choreos that we’ll adapt to be interactive (battle, circle, etc.) and set the dancefloor on FIYA!

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Jessica Exposito

Shake up your routine with the spicy flamenco rhythms of Spain! Infuse your class with the passion and emotion of sizzling Spanish dance styles that are fun, effective, and easy to follow. Olé!

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Ingrid Kessler

Journey through the iconic Freestyle music and dance style of the ‘80s and ‘90s! Experience the electro-synth pop that blended disco, breakdancing, hip-hop, and Latin. With the passionate performances and lyrics of artists like Debbie Deb, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Stevie B, and others, this session is sure to create a musical dance EXPLOSION in your classes!

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Kelly Ann Nikara

Be part of a unique and powerful session focused on Haka Boogie from New Zealand’s indigenous people. We’ll break down these steps, understand their history, and learn two pure Maori choreographies to bring back to your classes. Finish up with a Master Class to help you identify and apply Haka Boogie to Latin-inspired rhythms.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Gina Wonder and Zumba® Jammer Dahrio Wonder

From its origins in the Bronx to Atlanta’s “Dirty South” flavor, hip hop culture reigns globally over music, dance, and fashion. Learn the moves built on this fierce style and how to use them to turn up your Zumba® classes.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Mauricio Camargo

Learn about popular street dance styles like passinho, choke, moombahton, trap, twerk, and electro flow. We’ll take a trip to Brazil, Colombia, and the streets of North America to bring out your zwag and inner street dancer. In this session, you’ll learn how to master these new fusions of dance inspired by a new wave of music and young urban culture.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Benjamin Richard and Rodrigo Angello

This session will take you on a world tour through house music spanning from the ‘80s to today! Explore deep house, disco house, Latin house, tribal house and more. Don't miss this wonderful experience that will surely energize your class and thrill your students.

Presented by ZIN™ Member Lindsey Taylor

Back with a twist, this fierce session will take you back to the classics while pushing forward into the future!  Music and choreography will get you rocking out to some of the best beats from our favorite Latin Pop artists!  Choreography will come from 3 different styles of dance: Urban Movement, House and Dance moves inspired by waacking & vogueing!  While we have stuck to 5 major Latin artists in previous years, this year we will branch out to many others as we explore the past and present!

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Melissa Carias

This session is a tribute to the genre of Latin rock – rock en Español and rock en tu idioma – with the top 20 best songs from the '80s until today. The songs represent the work of Latin rock bands and artists that combine traditional Latin elements with rock music.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Florencia Salgado and Alba Durán

In this session, we will explore the POP genre – an artistic expression about issues that matter to society, with current musical influences. Come and learn new choreographies from different fusions and sub-genres of POP. You will also work with various interpretative forms and learn how to build the #POPmoment: the key moment of each choreography.


Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Eliza Stone and Maria Teresa Stone

We are back and we are reloaded! The Mexican Fiesta 2.0 gets even better with the addition of “mambo.” You will also learn our traditional rhythms: Quebradita, Mexican Cumbia, Duranguense, and Tribal. You will walk away bouncing like a bean and excited to use these Mexican rhythms to spice up your Zumba® classes.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers William Villasenor and Yuhaine Lopez 

In this session, get ready to experience the joy, flavor, and rhythm of the presenter's country: Mexico, señores! This is a session where you'll learn new moves and techniques to incorporate into your classes. Let’s try something new! Cumbia, Quebradita, Tribal, Cholo, and all the beats in a superclass that will make you feel in Mexico Lindo y Querido. Discover new songs for your classes, Mexican core steps, style skills, two choreographies, and lots of fun!

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Jonathan Benoit

Passion Romanza is a Rhythm session where you’llexperience the love and passion of Romantic Music by exploring Salsa Romantica, Passionate Flamenco, Reggaeton Romantico, Beautiful Cumbia (Vallenato), and Sexy Bachata. After learning these choreographies, the session will end with aPassionate and Romantic Flavor Masterclass!

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Rony Gratereaut

This session focuses on typical dances from Puerto Rico, including salsa, merengue, and reggaeton. It also introduces new rhythms such as bomba y plena, trova, and Latin house with their own core steps and variations. Enjoy the complete Caribbean experience!

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Loretta Bates

Direct from the barrios of Puerto Rico to a dance floor near you: Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Calle 13, N.O.R.E., Wisin, Yandel, Pitbull, and more red-hot reggaeton artists! Learn new moves set to reggae, Jamaican dancehall, and hip hop. There’s no doubt these rhythms will help you get the party started!

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Tommy-Davis Ezedunor and Dahrio Wonder  

This Session takes you on a journey through flow, energy, and vibin’ to the tunes of R&B music. You will learn about the background and receive ready-to-teach choreographies representing R&B’s best Male, Female, and Group Artists. This includes special Signature Moves, so you are empowered to bring those hot vibes to your classes.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Tamara Pitts

Calling all rockers: join us for a world tour of rock, punk, and metal! Discover music and dances from all over the world… from Celtic punk to power pop, Latin rock to folk metal, and alternative to Aussie pub rock. Unleash your inner rock star with class-ready stylized moves and routines, complete with integrated cueing and progressions. Just add some attitude, a backstage pass, and leather pants, and you’re ready to rock.

Presented by ZIN Member and International Presenter Betsy Dopico

Through the centuries, Cuba has been known for the richness of its music and dance. In this session, you’ll get a taste of the Cuban flavor present in many musical genres from around the world. Utilizing basic steps and movements, ZIN™ Members will learn the unique, sensual, and explosive Cuban style that has influenced so many.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Walter Diaz

By the end of this session, you'll have perfected several new steps, combinations, patterns and transitions focused on the two most popular Latin rhythms: salsa and merengue. Bring the memories of those hot Havana nights into your Zumba® classes!

Presented by International Presenter and ZIN Member Jennifer Kim

Learn all about K-pop, the popular music from South Korea influenced by styles and genres from around the world. Give your classes more variety with some of the Korean flavors behind mega-hits like “Gangnam Style.” Along with famous K-pop songs and easy-to-follow versions of choreography, this session also covers the genre’s history, influential K-pop artists, lyrics, and Korean culture.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Nick Logrea

Learn and master the basic steps and movements of swing. The goal is to be able to implement this rhythm in your classes to add that extra bit of flavor and pop. Swing is perfect for Zumba® Instructors because it’s high-energy and so much fun! Leave this session confident to bring the swing into your classes immediately.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Kyle Lamprecht  

Let tango takeover your next class! Embrace this passionate rhythm in a session exploring the diverse history and sub-genres in this pairing of powerful movements and dramatic music. Learn easy-to-follow but fierce moves with progressions and modifications to help personalize each step. Engage and captivate your students using the “Tango Trance” — and let them feel all the energy, fire, and beauty at this rhythm’s core.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Sandra Harnes

This session highlights some of the most influential and iconic female performers of our time, from Nina Simone to Missy Elliott, Madonna to Janet Jackson, Gaga to the Spice Girls, and many more! We’ll celebrate these fierce females and look at the history of these risk-takers, game-changers, and pioneers of music and dance!

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Susan Stokely

Take a trip back in time and rave to the hot dance beat of New Wave music in this totally rad Master Class! This music genre exploded with the launch of MTV in 1981 when groups like Devo, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, and Adam Ant combined rock, pop, and synth sounds that inspired a generation to dance and dress in the quirky New Wave style. Bring back two choreographies with dance moves the ‘80s kids will remember, and your whole class will rave about!

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Tommy-Davis Ezedunor

Learn about Trap, a subgenre of hip hop, in a session packed with choreography breakdowns and innovative new steps. We’ll cover dancing and performing skills and do a special Master Class on a fusion of Trap and the core rhythms of Zumba®. Get ready for fun as you build confidence outside your usual musical comfort zone and learn to incorporate this unique musical style into your class.

Presented by Zumba® Jammers Diego Chantir and Jeimy Bueno

Get an insider’s look into an undiscovered side of today’s Latin music. Discover a blend of underground reggaeton, current Latin music, and choreography with a unique hip-hop style. We’ll generate new tools (but always using basic steps and progression) based on reggaeton and other genres from the rich Latino musical underground.

Presented by Zumba® Jammer Anna Marchenko

Bring variety with a Middle Eastern twist to your classes. We’ll combine modern Middle Eastern rhythms and Arabic pop with familiar Zumba® steps and the mesmerizing movements of belly dance. Incorporating belly dance and other movements into your Zumba® routines is simple with the easy-to-follow choreography you'll learn in this session.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialist Mansoor Galant

You better WERKQ— be Wild, Express yourself, own the Runway, and channel your inner King or Queen. Dive into the 1980’s NYC ballroom scene and experience the evolution of dance styles like Voguing, Runways, and Waacking, majorly shaped by the LGBTQI+ community. Get two custom-made choreos and explore the artists who paved the way for celebrating this culture in a fierce, vivacious, and empowering session.

Presented by Zumba® Education Specialists Jessica Exposito and Steve Boedt     

Dancing isn’t just about steps — it’s about emotions too. Learn to experience and inspire different feelings depending on what a song’s melody and lyrics transmit: power, fun, excitement, romance, love, happiness, and more. Enjoy a journey where your experience and sensations change with the rhythms.


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